Project's activities

  • Support the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) to:
    1. assess the status of the equipment and verify its functionality, including a full inventory of 4,000 units (both the hardware and software) to determine whether batteries, additional Voter Authentication Devices (VADs) and uninterruptible power supplies need to be replaced and procured,
    2. procure the services of an IT company and engage national and international IT experts, to both conduct those activities, as well as support the CEC and other stakeholders in the preparations for elections.
  • Work together with the CEC and relevant government structures to procure the necessary equipment, including servers, a new software license customized to the requirements of the polling process, a broadband connection package to live-stream video recordings from polling stations on the election day; procure relevant logistic and IT support services to install and configure cameras at the polling stations.
  • Assist the CEC in developing modern, effective training modules and update the existing training materials, including organising Training of Trainers (ToT).
  • Assist the CEC in developing a public awareness strategy and campaign that can reach out to the largest possible number voters countrywide.
  • Assist the CEC in reviewing and developing its external relations strategy, in identifying tools to be used and in mainstreaming digital communication through its website and the social media, support with the procurement of goods and services to implement its draft external relation strategy, as needed.
  • Work with the CEC and national authorities to ensure that the elements of gender equality are incorporated in the new legislation and procedures, as well as assist the CEC to develop its draft gender strategy.
  • Support the CEC in developing and implementing its lessons-learned exercise, as well as in conceptualizing and implementing a post-elections survey to assess the general perception of the electoral process.
  • Support the institutionalization process of the CEC by providing technical advice for the development of a new organigramme and terms of references for the different departments, assist the CEC in identifying specific areas of capacity-building for permanent election officials and staff.

Main achievements

  • stronger capacity of the CEC to implement technically sound elections by equipping the CEC with 4313 voter authentication devices (VADs) for efficient voter authentication process in 1998 polling stations countrywide

  • successful operation of 4000 VADs on the elections day thanks to 4003 VAD operators certified through 3-level cascade trainings
  • enhanced transparency of the electoral process via livestream/recording of the election day and procurement of missing technical elements (i.e 13 servers, 375 web cameras, software and licenses, installation and configuration of 1501 cameras in 1501 polling stations)

  • comprehensive, inclusive and gender sensitive voter education campaign