Project data


US$ 4,012,126.47




2018/07 - 2021/12

Sources of funding

European Union: $ 1,712,328.77
Government of Armenia: $ 698,432.00
Germany: $ 796,966.16
UK: $ 643,386.25
SWEDEN: $ 161,013.29


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Our main objectives

The project supports successful application of new technologies to increase credibility of electoral process, increase inclusiveness and participation in elections, voter education, as well as strengthen capacity of electoral management bodies in Armenia.

What we do

In response to a formal request from the Government of the Republic of Armenia to provide electoral assistance and based on recommendations of the UN Needs Assessment Mission (NAM), UNDP has developed this project to assist the Armenian stakeholders in holding 2018 December pre-term parliamentary elections.

In the pre-electoral period, the Electoral Support Project in Armenia (ESPA) supported the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) of Armenia in the preparation of Voter Authentication Devices (VADs), the procurement of additional VADs and related equipment, the training of VAD operators.

The project also supported the configuration and setting up the cameras, and the procurement of additional cameras. Finally, it helped ensuring the live-streaming and video recording on the Election Day, and organizing and conducting a comprehensive voter education campaign.

Who we are

Shalva Kipshidze

Chief technical advisor

Araks Babayan

Associate project coordinator

Marianna Gasparyan

Project assistant

Davit Khachatryan

IT expert/team leader

Sergey Kocharyan

IT support and monitoring specialist

Vahram Martinyan

Web developer

Sahak Davtyan

VAD training logistics officer / Business analyst for VAD inventory system

Anzhela Movsisyan

Training and content development expert on VADs

Sona Mirzoyan

Voter education and external relations expert

Tatevik Yesayan

Graphic designer

Atsuko Hirakawa

Gender International advisor

Tamara Hovnatanyan

Gender local expert

Aykut Tavsel

External relations/Strategic communications international advisor


For any inquiries please contact
Shalva Kipshidze
Chief technical advisor
+37 496 671673